Reckoning Day - Live with the Big Picnic Band

We are over the moon to announce our all new YouTube Channel and launch our FIRST official concert video "Reckoning Day -- Live" performed with the Big Picnic Band at the Pasadena Folk Society on November 15, 2014. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE and we hope you will subscribe to our YouTube Channel, so you'll be the first to see our new videos. We have several in the hopper right now! 

Tremendous thanks to Pattie Van Over and Mark Indictor for creating the video with such love and care. And many many thanks to Dave Way for mixing the live performance so lushly and beautifully.

This night was made possible through the enormous talents of the Big Picnic Band -- Craig Eastman, Dillon O'Brian, Denny Weston Jr., and Dave Way. Special thanks to Ali Moynihan Eastman for being our angel that night and looking after ever detail as only a best friend can.

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Longing for Heaven

Here's a sweet new video of "Longing for Heaven," based on the traditional Sacred Harp song -- Panting for Heaven #384 -- which Billy arranged for two voices. This is the title track from our upcoming CD!  We made the video on a whim while passing through Atlanta on our way down to South by Southwest.  The wonderful Matt and Erica Hinton, makers of the documentary film Awake My Soul, took us into their home, Matt got out the camera and we started singing.  Seven months later he sent us this video!  What a gift!  You can also hear us sing the Sacred Harp song The Christian's Hope with Jim Lauderdale on Help Me to Sing, a collection of Sacred Harp songs which Matt & Erica produced.  That's their lovely daughter Anna at the end of the video!

Tazewell Beauty Queen

The second track from Jeni & Billy's CD "Jewell Ridge Coal" with a montage drawn from Mawmaw's photo album. (Jeni's Dad put this one together!)

Brand New Dress

Thanks to emmylunatic for capturing this performance of a new song that I wrote back in February when we were on tour down in Florida. We had just seen a whole bunch of beautifully restored treadle sewing machines in Northwest Florida and I challenged myself to put one in a song. I had never really written an honest to goodness blues song either, so I decided to make it a double challenge.

This performance is from our July 9, 2012 performance at the Fredericksburg Library's Music on the Steps series in my home state of Virginia.

Cecil Roberts' Hand

Jewell Ridge Coal

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